Best Spray Mop Floor Cleaner Review in India 2021

  • Microfiber Pad – 2 in 1 Floor Mop comes with microfiber pad, no harm to floor, Safe to use on all floor types including wood,
  • Hardwood, laminate floors, the window can also be used.
  • Rotate it 360 degree of clean, make every corner can clean and bright.
  • An efficiency microfiber pad to remove tough, sticky messes for your living room, kitchen and shower room with cleaning traceless
  • Simplicity & Durability Simple trigger-spray mechanism for long lasting functionality Made of light weight Steel Aluminum structure for durability Easy to dismantle and refill water tank
  • 22 oz. refillable bottle allows you to mix your own solution. 




Best Spray Mop Floor Cleaner Review in India 2021 | Best Cleaning Tools

Topic : Best Spray Mop Floor Cleaner

Wazdorf Aluminium Spray Mop Set with Microfiber Washable Pad| Spray Mop Floor Cleaner.

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WAZDORF spray mop floor cleaner is made up of a high-quality aluminum pole and microfiber mop pad. It attracts dust, dirt, and grim and other waste materials and ensures easy cleaning of your home floor.

It is light and easy to use, specialty design for daily uses. Cleaning of floorings is a difficult task, and when the corners come, it becomes worse.

For such conditions, the WAZDORF spray mop floor cleaner comes with a 360-degree rotating mop frame, which moves with ease for all the corners of your room.

When we consider spray mop for cleaning the floor, the main problem we face after cleaning the fibers starts falling from the mop.

But when you consider WAZDORF stainless steel spray mop, it comes with microfibers that do not fade away and even can be washed with the machine and can be used several times.

WAZDORF spray mop comes in a 4-piece Mop set-

  • Mop pole (upper and lower part)
  • Microfiber Pad
  • Mop Head
  • Refilling Liquid Bottle.

WAZDORF ensures that the mop is efficient for all floor types – hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, and more.

Its microfibers attract the dust particles and clean the floor efficiently. You can add normal or soapy water in the liquid bottle, which increases the floor mop’s efficiency.

How to Install WAZDORF Floor Cleaning Mop?

For Installing the cleaning mop, you should follow the steps given below-

  • Align the mop head with the microfiber pad.
  • Track and place the connector of the mop head to hold the main body.
  • Give downward pressure to fix them.
  • Now, place the pole into the main body of the mop head.
  • Connect one of the poles into the connector of another one.
  • Press the handle of the spray bottle to check if the water is sprinkling from it.

WAZDORF Stainless Steel Microfiber Spray Mop is a dual purpose floor mop that does not harm the floorings. Its microfibers can clean the tough and sticky messes in your kitchen.

You don’t need any battery or any power for its working. It comes with a simple trigger-spray mechanism that helps you to use it for a long time.

It includes a water tank that is easy to dismantle and refill. Its refillable bottle allows you to mix your solution for the use of a mop. It is 15 cm long, 12 cm wide, and 8 cm high in dimensions, weighing up to 349 grams.



  • It’s very light weighted and smooth to use on the floor.
  • Also, the quality of the rod is very excellent and seems durable.
  • Color options are also lovely.
  • It works very smoothly and is easy to maintain.
  • The assembly process is straightforward and can be stored anywhere.
  • Value for money product.
  • Its handle rotates 360 degrees, which helps to clean under the cot.
  • Microfiber quality is worth buying.
  • Its locking system helps in keeping it firmly locked in angle.

The quality and the finish of the stick and mop is outstanding. Easy to carry around the house.



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