Best Broom And Mop Storage Rack in India 2021

  • Good Build quality
  • Attractive design.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Due to its compact design, it takes only a little space.
  • Easy to handle the mop and brooms.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Strong and weatherproof.
  • Multipurpose wall-mounted holder.


Best Broom And Mop Storage Rack in India 2021

Topic : – Best Broom And Mop Storage Rack in India 2021

Emporium Multipurpose Best Broom And Mop Storage Rack For Laundry Room.

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Best Broom And Mop Storage Rack in India 2021

We clean our homes in day to day life, to do so we have some of the tools such as Broom, Mop etc. After cleaning, the concern becomes to store them. If it is not done so correctly, then this will take too much space at your home.

I have told you the concerns, but don’t worry, and I am having an excellent solution for such conditions. To do so, today I am here with the Emporium mop and Boom holder  in India. The Emporium mop holder is designed with the easily organised 11 cleaning utilities on five ball slots along with the six hooks.

 As per the Ball slots, they allow you to store the broom with the diameter of 2.5 cm, but in some cases, you may require more than it, for such conditions you can adjust its square rubber brakes and hooks. Its rubber grips of the ball ensure that it can hold the mop and broom of different sizes without sliding from both the sides.

You can store the heavy items and accessories with the Emporium mop holder wall mounted in India, hang them or release them by lifting the handles of the wall-mounted holder. Emporium mop holder comes with the six screws and six anchors which are used for holding wall mount organiser. It is Strong and sturdy and lasts for years.

It is durable enough, so you can hand your tools at any height to prevent congestion or overcrowding on the floor. Its attractive design and supreme quality both at such a great price makes it such a great deal. Isn’t it?

It is 40.7 cm in length, 8.3 cm in breadth, and 6.3 cm in height, along with the weight of 325 grams. You can use it for multiple purposes such as hanging Mop storage, Umbrella storage, Broom storage and so on.

Emporium mop holders can hold up to 3 kgs of weight per ball which is enough for your different purposes. You can use its six additional folding hooks for hanging and holding from falling small hanging tools.


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