Best Body Massager Brand in India 2021

  • Vandelay Iris Luxe series comes with 8 massager heads
  • The Full Body Massager increases circulation and relaxes tension knots & tightness
  • Wireless and easy to use without any chords
  • Soft Mesh Cover – To avoid tangling of body hair or clothes during massage
  • The company is also providing a 1-year manufacturing warranty


Best Body Massager Brand in India 2021

Topic : Best Body Massager Brand in India.

Vandelay CQR-HM2000 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads for Pain Relief and Relaxation – Massage Machine for Home.

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Best Full Body Massager –

Pain in some body parts is common nowadays because we are not taking proper care of our physical fitness. That’s why today many companies are manufacturing professional full body massager products that will help to get rid of pain and will provide a lot of relaxation. A full body massager will help to control the acupressure of our body and let the blood flow in veins properly. So if you are looking for the best body massager for pain relief then you are in the right place, we are providing you the complete information about it.

As we know, there are many electric body massagers are available in the market and choosing the best one is sometimes a difficult task. That’s why we are here to give you complete information on the best body massager for pain relief. But before that, it is necessary to consider some factors before buying a Best Body Massager Brand in India 2021. Let us know about that –


About Product

Vandelay is a popular brand dealing in different types of electrical equipment so users can trust this brand while buying a Body Massager. This is a massager machine for the whole body so users can get a lot of relaxation when they use this electric gadget on their body.

This Body Massager will be very helpful to combat muscle soreness until recovery. It is designed amazingly and has a very dashing look. The battery backup of the body massager is amazing and can be used for long hours without any delays. It will be a very convenient option and we can say that this is the best body massager machine for home. It will also be convenient to carry and that’s why it is a good option for travel use.

This electric body massager can be used for legs, neck, back, head, and the rest of the whole body. The amazing features of this best full-body massager make this the best choice. Let us know about some features of this product.


Features of the Best Full Body Massager – 

  • It comes with 8 different heads for more convenience, which will be very helpful to relax the whole-body without the need for any other equipment, this is the best full body massage option.
  • This body massager will be very helpful to increase blood circulation and can control tension knots and tightness. The muscles can get recovered very quickly and will provide a lot of relaxation from pain due to stiffness.
  • This is an ergonomic best neck and shoulder massager that will be helpful to carry anywhere. It is a wireless product that reduces the tangling of the cord and can be used anytime at our convenience. Users can also control light to strong vibration as per our needs.
  • This Pain Relief Massager needs a 5 Volt charger to charge it, it is recommended not to use any other charger that can damage this product.Best Body Massager Brand in India
  • The company is also providing a 1-year manufacturing warranty that allows the users to replace the whole product if some manufacturing defects are arising.



  • The Wireless Feature provides a lot of conveniences.
  • Comes with various massager heads that is again a great option.
  • It can get adjusted to 30 permutations settings, which is quite amazing.
  • It can be used for 90 minutes after a single charge.
  • Its compact design makes it quite convenient to carry anywhere without any hassles.
  • This Full Body Massager Machine Price is quite affordable as compared to other products.


Body Massager Buying Guide

  • At first, users should look for the operation mode of a Body Massager that you are using. Body Massagers are of two types manual and battery operated. If you want to operate on muscle knots then it will be the best option to go with a manual device because it will be helpful to move in any direction and the pressure can be controlled as per requirement.
  • Another thing that you should look is the technology of a body massager, some comewith percussion technology that will help in doing deep tissue massage to promote blood flow and relieve pain. While some comewith ultrasonic technology that will be helpful to get rid of sprain, muscle pain, and ligament pain.
  • You also have to look at the weight of a body massager, it is always recommended to have a lightweight body massage. It will be very convenient to operate and can be carried to another place easily. If it is heavy then the movement will not be smooth as we expect.

Another important thing is to look at the battery life of a body massage. You need to check that the battery life of this product should be at least 30 minutes in a single go. Otherwise, there will be no means of going with this product.



1. Can we use this Body massager on the Face?

Ans. It is advised not to use it on the face because it is too powerful.

2. Can I use this body massager while charging?

Ans. No, it cannot be used at the time of charging.

3. Does this body massager comes with a charger?

Ans. No, it comes with an only USB cable that you can connect through your mobile charger.


People Also Ask

1. Which body massager is best in India?

Ans. A body massager providing more heads and allowing different options to control the pressure will be the best massager in India.

2. Is a body massager good for our health?

Ans. Yes, it will be very helpful to relax your muscles and keep you physically and mentally fit at your home.

3. How many times we should use this body massager?

Ans. Users can use this body massager once or twice a week to keep their joints and tissues in a good shape.



So that’s all about the Best Body Massager Brand in India 2021, now users can make their buying decision easily. We have given the complete information of themassager machine for pain relief. If you thing that it is a good option then you can buy it anytime.


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